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We write your 360 reports so you don't have to.

It takes time and focused energy to write insightful 360 reports. 

Between deep qualitative analysis and finding the right words to land 360 feedback, the process of writing a 360 report can take 4-8 hours. ​


Whether you enjoy writing the reports but don't have time, or don't enjoy writing the reports but are committed to delivering a well-written report, we are your team.​ When you partner with us, we take your interview notes, identify themes, and create a custom report draft so that you can save time and do more of what you love. 

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How to get your time back

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Let's talk 360s—how you like them done and what is on the horizon.

Send Your Notes

When you have finished your interviews, send your notes. We'll get to work.

Receive Your Report

We deliver the report in your format within 3 business days when you schedule ahead.

Meet Your 360 Team

We are professional writers and analysts who specialize in 360 reports. Since our founding in 2021, we have written over 300 reports for dozens of executive coaches. When it comes to leadership behaviors, we've seen the gamut. And we understand how to deliver difficult feedback objectively, in words that land with your client. 


Quick origin story: The 360 Institute founder, Isabelle Kidon, learned qualitative analysis and 360 report-writing at the age of 15 from her executive coach dad. Through word of mouth, other coaches were thrilled to discover there was someone who could write their reports for them! She brings 16 years of experience analyzing leadership behaviors as well as team and organizational dynamics to her leadership of The 360 Institute. 


With our growing team, we are happy to support YOU, executive coaches, in your transformative work with leaders.  

I can’t say enough about how valuable and trusted Isabelle and her team are as a resource in taking all of my transcripts and notes from interviews and doing the laborious work of collating the themes, editing the comments, and (what I appreciate the most) writing cogent and meaningful extracts developed from the material.  

Michael Dolan, Truly Productive Leadership

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